Need to determine Hd Set-top box support

Hello all,

I am planning to buy a videcon d2h HD Set top box.

I just wanted to clarify weather my Tv set supports HD signal(thereby HD Set top box)...??? :o
My tv is this

Sony barvia klv-32bx350

It has HDMI ports .

Thanx in advance.. :hello:

and if possible can someone give his review about videocon d2h service or any similar budget service ... i.e which is the best digital tv service currently in india...(budget - within 450 pm).
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    It's a newer LCD TV with HDMI ports and 1080p support, yes it's an HD TV.
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  3. If you buy a home theater system or a smart television set, then you must also get a digital set top box to ensure you get perfect picture and great sound. As broadcasting system is now focused on digital signal, it is essential to get one digital set top box. Another thing you can do is that you can install a digital aerial. Just do it and see the difference in signal quality.
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