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I am having trouble getting normal FPS whilst running crysis, new dawn demo, unigine , 3d mark bf3 etc.
I am getting sub normal fps and this has been bugging me since my builds back in 07; Never reached my machine's potential.
I will give whomever fixes this a free gold trial on xbox live, sorry its all i can afford right now since my last build.
I would appreciate any assistance, thnx.
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  1. Hi :)

    Specs would help...lol ?

    All the best Brett :)
  2. sound like it time for upgrade. on lower the detail on the games.
  3. Define 'normal' in this context. What specifically are you expecting to see?
  4. Thanks for the reply.
    ok so i have an i7 3960x overclocked to 5 ghz 64gb ram at 2150mhz asr4e mobo 1500 watt psu and 2 ssds.
    my fps in new dawn are only 10 on average all the time. battlefield 3 is 65 was getting about 150 before and crysis 2 is around 47 i know it should be around 60.(all applications are run on max settings at 2560 x 1600).
  5. As for the gpu its an asus mars 2. So you can see just by the specs i should have significantly higher fps than 10 on new dawn 65 on bf3 (was 150) and more on crysis 2 etc.
    Anyone fixes this, ill give the gold membership free.thnx.
  6. Are the old numbers also taken at max settings? If not then there is no comparison. Set everything exactly as it was and retest.
  7. Before and after overclocking same problem.
    My idea is the gpu at fault but not sure...
    Been checking the temps and voltages apparantly voltages are set at 1075 turned down abit doesn't really help.Any ideas ?
  8. Quote:
    Before and after overclocking same problem.

    But were the older numbers taken with all rendering settings on max or not? If not then you aren't doing a valid comparison. And, were they taken on this specific machine or another?

    What version of the NVidia drivers are you running? Not just "I'm running the latest version" but the exact version. Latest doesn't always mean best.
  9. how's it run with 4gigs of ram ( or 2 ram slots occupied )
  10. im running the 306 drivers. 2 of my 8 ram sticks aren't detected btw.(48gb) I will try removing/adding them see if that solves anything.
    All settings were max always on this machine.Reducing resolution or quality will evidently result in better performance but i need this machine running properly.
  11. Quote:
    im running the 306 drivers

    That's not an EXACT version, there have been more than one in the 306 line.

    All settings were max always on this machine.

    That narrows it down. If you were getting better performance in the past then you obviously changed something that caused the decrease. What did you change immediately before the numbers dove like that? That's where you start looking.
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