Broken intergated graphic - useless laptop?

I have a couple years old Fujitsu-Siemens laptop, which apparently has its integrated graphic chip broken. Machine does boot, but i have serious graphical errors (horizontal bars, flicker, only couple colours) that show up even in BIOS and live linux distros from usb drive.

My question is, is it possible to replace integrated graphic in laptop? I assume, it is not possible. And if it is not possible, what components could i salvage from otherwise working machine?

I have already taken out the hard drive and use it with usb case as a external drive. I could also take out the memory modules and sell them. What about laptop display? How is it connected to motherboard and could i plug it to some external graphic source? Could i re-use the webcam? Anyone have other ideas, how make some use of the machine?
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  1. Actually, my one question is about the display. Have you tried hooking the laptop up to an external monitor to see if it works? It could be that the LCD on your laptop is what is actually dying on you.

    Otherwise, you could probably take out the RAM, HDD (which i guess you have done) and the CPU. Don't know if you'd actually be able to use the CPU, but at the very least you could sell it on e-bay for a few bucks.
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