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I am having an annoying problem of high cpu usage on Windows 7. I am not sure when did this problem started but i noticed it yesterday and i have been trying to solve it myself ever since without any luck.

Ok so here is the problem:
I have Intel Core i7 920 CPU and 1 of the processor's core is always at 100% load. Its always the same core, i have tried restarting my pc into safe mode and the core was still at 100%. Looking at the resource monitor does'nt provide much information as the process which is causing the load is "Deffered Procedure Calls and interrupt service routines", here have a look:

Doing search yields that this is a driver related problem so i have tried un-plugging all peripherals which does'nt help. Finally i downloaded and run xperf and looking at the report from my limited knowledge i concluded that its intelppm.sys which is causing the problem. This is a windows default driver for intel speed/power management. I have tried everything to delete/rename it (tried VMware/safemode) but i can't seem to, i have also tried disabling intel speedstep from BIOS which did'nt help.
I am completely lost now and hence i am posting my xperf results here so maybe someone more knowledgeable can have a look and provide some insight whats wrong.

EDIT: Link deleted as the problem is solved now.
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  1. Solved.

    To anyone curious it was actually one of my DVD-RW drive that was connected but not being detected was the culprit of high cpu load on one core. Unhooking the power cable from it did the trick and now my cpu load is back to normal when idle.
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