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I need some help... I have a ASUS A7N8X 1800XP 512DDR2100 ti4200 128mb.. etc. My problem is.. at some point my cpu quit running at 1800xp.. now when i boot it shows clock speed to be 1150mhz and fequency to be 100mhz I haven't changed anything.. not sure why its doing this now and can't figure out how to get it back.. i've tried adjusting the multiplier and messing with the fsb speed.. but it either won't change it or it won't boot when i do change it.. this is really a problem with most of my games.. COD.. Max Payne2.. etc... any ideas? Thanks!
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  1. Leave the multiplier set to Auto, and change the bus speed to 133MHz. If it doesn't boot you might have other problems.

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