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A friend of mine wants to buy a printer, that can print labels on DVDs/CDs for his girlfriend for Christmas. She uses a lot of disks, and he thinks she would like it. He is having a hard time finding them, so I want to know if anybody here has any information.

He doesn't have thousands of dollars to spend, but wouldn't mind spending up to around $300 if he has to. She uses windows 7 64bit, and the simpler the program the better, though it still has to be fun. ;) Also, it would be preferable if it could print on normal disks, and he doesn't have to buy all kinds of special ones separately. Anyone have any recommendations? If so, they will be greatly appreciated.

-KC :)
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  1. Here is a cool printer ( DiscPainter™ )CD/DVD printer you also get an inkjet cartridge, Discus for DYMO software, AC adapter, USB cable and 3 glossy waterproof CD's for only $279.95.
    here is the link to check it out Good luck
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