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Right I am thinking of getting a laptop. I want it to be mobile so I first decided on a centrino. However lately my attention has been shifted to the Atlon XP-M as these systems seem to weigh about the same.

My question to you guys is what are the differences between the Athlon XP-M and the centrino what strenghs and weaknesses do they have?

I will be using this laptop for gaming and work. If I go for the atlon I will be able to get a R9600 instead of a R9000 (both 64MB) and a 7200rpm HDD instead of a 5400 rpm HDD.(as the processor is a lot cheaper)
However I really want to know about the processors. If I know enough about them then I can decide on the rest of the system later.

I was thinking along the lines of a 1.4-1.6 centrino or a ~2500+ athlon.

As for the fanboys: I want some facts not just ranting this is better with no reason. I mean you can still rant about one being better than the other just try to confince me with facts! :lol:

Thanks in advance (PS if it matters I live in holland)

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  1. The centrino has a very good batery life...prolly will last about 45min longer than an equivelent athlon system.

    A centrino 1.5 and an athlon 2500+ would be very close in performance...

    Overall i think the athlon is the better buy because you can afford more "goodies"

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  2. I think that's not a very easy one... The extra goodies on the AXP system really shine, but centrino is probably the best choice for a laptop... extra battery life and more than adequate performance... But hey, if going AXP means getting a 7200rpm drive, then you should do that... HDs are the biggest performance botlenecks on laptop systems...

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  3. I would say go with centrino. You will not notice that much difference in preformance. You will also get better battry life. You will get SSE2 instruction support. And bigger cache.

    ps. And it doesn't matter but you will also get 802.11b support with your centrino.


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  4. Yes, well, if it were my choice, I think I'd go with centrino too... and spend some more cash on a 7200rpm HD. That would make one hell of a laptop!!! :cool:

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  5. Can you tell me where you thinking getting the notebook from? I am also trying to buy notebook in the next few months. But I haven't seen any place that offered 7200 RPM or 9600 radeom with athlon-xp. Ty for the info in advance!
  6. It's for europeans, and its a dutch based country: <A HREF="" target="_new"> click here </A>

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  7. heh, too bad. That means I can't get it since I am in the US :(
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