Linksys password help!?!

I have the linksys Cable/DSL Router and its setup with Rogers @home it works and I have the internet setup...and I can send and pick up files from my Win2000 comp to My Win 98 computer but when I want to send or pick up files Win2000 comp when I am on the Win 98 its asks for a password???? What gives?? Please any help would be appreciated!
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  1. Its not the router. What you are seeing is the network logon for your win2k box. The win2k box is expecting to get credentials, username and password, from any login attempts. The 98 box doesn't need this type of authentication. That is why you can just browse your 98 box by turning on file and printer sharing. Win2k requires a username and password. The next problem you will se is this, once you have logged into you 98 box, I use log in loosely here, there is no way to tell the win2k box who you really are. The 98 box will jsut pass teh logged in username. for example:

    You built your 98 box with jsmith as the registered user and you did not enable multi users for the 98 box. Every time you turn the box on, whether or not you entered a password and username, the 98 box thinks jsmith is logged in. If there is no jsmith user account on your win2k box you will NEVER get in. you need to create a user account on the win2k box that has the same username as the 98 box and give it a password that you will enter whenyou are prompted while logging into teh win2k box.

    Make sense. If not you need to do some reading up on win2k users and Microsoft networking.

    Hope this helps.
  2. Or, just log out of the current user on the 98 box (you have to have windows networking enabled) and log back in with the same username and password as an account on the 2000 box. You can click cancel when it prompts you to create a new user on the 98 box, that isn't necessary.

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  3. Or- on the W2K box, add the Win98 UserId...

    Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Computer Management, Local Users and Groups, User - Add!!! and add the Win98 UserID, password, and group membership..
  4. Hey thanks alot for the responses! What worked so far: I added another user in Win2K and made my guest (im asumming default) accessable and VOILA! it works...almost The shortcut I created on the Win98 hardrive to my alowed (shared) harddrive works fine! but Under my Network places its blank! interesting....any ways thanks for the help now I only have to figure out how to share my printer! (I know add the network port but remember theres nothing under network! its blank!)
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    but what a pain in the butt to go through and set the allowances for EACH folder ;/

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  6. I have a Linksys BEFSR41 Router and a Linksys Cable Modem. I'm currently connecting 2 PCs. First PC is Windows2000 and second PC is Windows98. Cable modem is connecting to Windows2000 PC. Windows98 PC is connecting to port #2 on the router. If I want to use Windows98 to go online, I have to turn on Windows2000 also. Is there a way for Windows98 to go online without turning on Windows2000?

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  7. No, you've got it wrong. The Cable modem plugs into the WAN port on the router. Then each PC plugs into one of the 4 LAN ports on the router. Then each will be able to reach the Internet solo.

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