Joe Satriani - New Album

So I got Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards in the mail today, unexpectedly, autographed nonetheless, and rather excitedly popped it in.

The album starts out with a really driven medley in Premonition, becoming more introspective as the songs progress. The songs are pretty true to their name for the most part, although Joe does some suprising twists here and there. While the album isn't nearly as technical as some of his older work, it's still ear candy.

For people thinking about purchasing it as their first album for him, i'd still recommend The Extremist first, as Black Swans and WW is kinda, well, jazzy - and I realize not nearly as many people are into Jazz riffs as they are into mainstream rock riffs. ( Although these are nearly one in the same, in music theory. ) Musicians will thoroughly enjoy the album, as Joe tries to cover a lot of bases.

Overall i'd rate the album as better than Super Colossal and Musterion. ( Although in the latter's case, Andalusia is still a gem. )

Remember this album comes out in stores on October 5th in the U.S. ( not sure about release dates elsewhere, sorry you'd have to see his website. )
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  1. Surfing with the Alien, is my all time favorite Satriani song.
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