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I've had some problems with ghosting on my keyboard that came with my current pc, so I thought a new one would be in place. What I want is something that doesn't ghost. Macro keys, I don't know if I would use + on most keyboards I've seen, their on the left side of the main keyboard, and trying to reach there now, it feels pretty awkward. Backlighting I really dont need but wont mind. A USB hub I might use if it's there but there won't be a massive hole in my heart if it's there, same with audio inputs.
Price should be under 100 definitely. The cheaper the better, around 50 would be good.

I've looked at the g110, but I don't really need the sound card, since I have a stellseries siberia v2, which already has a pretty good one.
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  1. If you want a membrane style keyboard it's hard to beat most of logitech's offerings.

    If you want a mechanical switch keyboard you might want to try the unicomp customizer or das keyboard ultimate.

    Personally I dislike all the frills and go for reliablility. My antiquated IBM model M does it for me. It doesnt even have a windows key :)

    As for ghosting... wouldnt that term be more relevant to an LCD? Unless i'm wrong keyboards are usually described as lagging or having a delay.. and why would a keyboard have a sound card... that part confused me.
  2. I recently purchased the Steelseries Merc Stealth (under $90) and am really liking it so far. It claims anti-ghosting for up to 7 keys although I haven't had a need for much multiple key pressing to confirm this ability.

    3 different colors of backlighting and 3 different brightness levels for each color. You also get 2 usb ports AND audio/mic jacks built in.

    The terrain button field is a nice touch, comfortable, and the software includes tons of preprogrammed board configurations for gaming.

    The Microsoft Sidewinder touts an even greater ability for anti-ghosting at something like 26+ buttons being pushed at once. Or something crazy like that anyways. The new model (x6 I think it is) lets you move the keypad from the right to the left if you so desire.

    Lots of decent choices out there and I believe there was a good review on here recently comparing 5 different gaming keyboards. Good reading right der right der.
  3. For the price, there's nothing beating the Logitech G15.. It appears to be sold out though.. Try getting it by ordering on the wish list.. All the best.. Btw, features are good to be present wherein they can be used if and when required..
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