Plasma 600hz VS LCD 60hz/120hz

Right now my brother uses a 42" Samsung 1080p (I think its 1080p not very sure- it was a black friday purchase for about $900 in 2009) he uses it to play BF3 on Xbox 360 - its a 60hz tv and he experiences some "lagg" sometimes i think its due to the 60hz.

This black friday hes looking at a 600hz plasma 50" 720p and also a 40-42" LCD 120hz 1080p (I think)

which one would be best for his gaming experience

hes trying to keep it under $500
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  1. more likely is that the xbox 360 can not produce 60 frames per second. the xbox 360 is known to lag quite a bit more on games which a ps3 can handle fine.

    i use a 60hz television and i can tell you it is NOT the fact that it is 60hz.

    in fact, a 120hz television could introduce a delay between action on screen and your input due to the post processing of faking in the extra frames (they still only accept a 60hz input).

    if he already has a 1080p screen it probably is not worth upgrading. i think the issue is with the xbox.
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