Mic to aux-in conversion on samsung vcd player

I have an old Samsung triple VCD player z-810 which still works great. It has a built-in amp for speakers. So I want to use it with my pc or other gadgets like iPod/mobile phones via AUX-in, which unfortunately it doesn't have one. It has two 6.35mm (1/4in) microphone inputs. I can get 6.3mm male to 3.5mm female converter adapter. So is there any possibility to use this input as aux-in?
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  1. It is not a matter of just getting the connectors to work. A mic puts out much less than a normal line level source so the mic inputs are not going to work with the higher output levels of the PC or other line level sources.
  2. Is there any other possibility to add Aux-in to that vcd player? Like connecting aux wires to circuit board where it carries L R signals from cd. Etc
  3. pls reply
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