Not sure if this is the right thread, but i have a speaker problem.

The other day i came home and out of the blue my speakers weren't working. everything was plugged in fine, my computer was registering that they were plugged in but no sound, if i pulled the cord out and put it back in it made the familiar static sound when you plug it in. but there was still no sound. I thought maybe if i tried disabling it and re-enabling it that might work. that made it worse, once i disabled it, it disappeared and now my computer doesn't even register that it's plugged in, and when i hover over the sound icon it says 'No Audio Output Device is installed'. My speakers didn't come with a CD that you had to install or anything, so i have no idea what to do or try? Any ideas/help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. What operating system do you use? It will help to know this, in suggesting investigation paths.
  2. well... haha i have another thread in relation to this. anyways, i'm running 32-bit vista, bout to upgrade to 64-bit windows 7 which will require a clean wipe, SO that 'may' fix my problem, but i'm still not sure >.<
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