Computer audio to TV speakers?

Hi guys, quick question. I'm currently connecting my PC to my tv via a dvi to hdmi cable and it's working magnificently. I've tried getting my PC audio to my tv speakers via this cable but it's just not working out. The cable itself looks different from the standard stereo-rca cables, but I thought I could connect the two rca cables similar to the way of an xbox(their cables look similar); but that hasn't worked. I've tried plugging in the stereo cable to every hole in my PC and the rca cables to the outputs on my tv (xbox ports basically) but I get nothing. Did I get the wrong cable? Or is there still a way to fix this? Any alternate methods are appreciated. Thanks for the help

Additional information:

-it's a 42' Vizio E series tv
- my mobo(sound card)
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  1. there is hope. connect from spdif out on the motherboard to the spdif in on the video card. the cable costs $2 at any computer store. the you can use hdmi or dvi to hdmi to the tv. the speakers will work. I have a similar ASUS motherboard, you should be fine.
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