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I am going to build a cd duplicator for my church. They want 6-7 cdrw's Here are the system specs:

Dual intel xeon 2.4ghz processors.
6 cdrw's
1 dvd
1.5 - 2 gb ram.
2 120 7200 rpm 8mb cache GB HDD's on raid.
Server case...

Any way They want to be able to burn 6 cd's at once or 1 cd.
Off of stored audio sermons in mp3 format. I was thinking since cdrw's have a hard time writing when on the same ide chain and scsi cdrw's that are fast are like 200 dollars. Coluld i buy 3 ide pci cards and go that route. I figure that I have enough processing power to do the trick. Also I am wondering if i could get by with less processing power and if extra ide pci cards will work. And how fast can I burn these cd's without getting coasters?
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  1. You can get IDE cards with 3, 4, 5, and 6 ports. So you could do everything with a single card! This would be much easier to configure too, as there would be only one motheboard resource set for the entire card.

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  2. I'd say yer gonna get coasters in that setup. Most pc's won't handle burning multiple cd's beyond 2 at the same time... with even two at once I've had skips when ANYTHING occured out of the ordinary (an im coming in, me moving the mouse very much, etc) and it's only moderately slower than what you are planning. Normal pc's don't really have the buswidth to do that very well. A good scsi pci-64 setup could probally do it, but I have real serious doubts about ide or sata. Buy a duplicator would be my suggestion.

  3. Yeah normal pc's but I have almost 5 Ghz and 2 GB of ram. And 240 gigs on a raid system. This isn't your normal everyday computer. It isn't awesome but it is still a powerhouse.
  4. Errr... just because you have 2 2.4GHz processors does NOT mean you have 5GHz of processing power.

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  5. It's not a limitation based on speed of computer, ammount of ram, or hard drive (and in all honestly, 2 or 4 36g raptors striped togeather would suit your purpose better than that 240g striped drive.) It's a limitation on the ammount of data that can go through the bus during a given ammount of time. SCSI on a 64bit pci slot might could handle it. IDE/SATA won't.

    or in other words: You're trying to suck a golfball sized chunk of data down a garden hose sized pipe. It doesn't matter how much suction you apply on the far end of the pipe... the golfball isn't going to make it down, it's just to much data at once.

    Just giving you a fair warning mano.

  6. so that things gonna cost 3000 bux...

    why dont you just get a dedicated cd duplicator...i dont feel like finding it to you but i know <A HREF="" target="_new">provantage</A> carries them.

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  7. ok i got bored and found it for you <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    1:7 cd duplicator for 1300 save some money...

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  8. Nice, cheaper and designed for just that process. :)

  9. If you’re going to spend 1700+


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    Automation is worth it; then again, if you’re at a church you have plenty of minions to do your bidding.

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  10. Okay thank you for the help I just figured that with me buffering all the audio on my ram and with the processing power of handling big chunks of memory With a pci ide card with 5 channels on it that I could complete it and it would work. By the way this system is not only going to be a duplicator. It has a few other purposes like video editing and I wouldl be able to store all the sermons on the hard drive. If anyone else is looking for a cd duplicator 1:7 duplicator for $805
  11. Your hardware maybe able to handle it, but can the software? Not sure what kind of software you are going to use, but I don't know if there software out there that will allow 7 CDs burning at once. Possibly there is some VERY expensive professional software that can do it. Opening up multiple burning software might be a idea, but then it might cause windows to crash or get problems...

    I am thinking you could cut out the costs of 6 CD-RW and IDE controller card form you system and have enough for the $800 CD duplicator and still comp for video editing.
  12. hehehehe so ur gonna burn 7 copies of the bible on the a cd at the same time? Why? lolz

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  13. they even sell duplicators with inline printers. one drive only though, its a robotic arm that changes out the blanks. cs game server -
  14. If all CDs you make at once will be the same you can use a CD external copier with up to 8 trays.

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