MSI-GX620 freezes on( AC +nvidia driver) only

My laptop freezes only when plugged to ac and the nvidia driver installed, if plugged but no driver it works ,also if driver installed and on battery it works.
I have to mention that at first it was not working at all not even start the post and there was a whistle but now no whistle ans this happened.
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  1. If it freezes when it's on and you plug it in, what happens when you try to turn it on plugged in already?

    This is a strange issue. The driver seems to be the issue - can you get a new version?
  2. When I plug it to ac nothing happen until I try to open any application so ever it freezes again. I tried a lot of different drivers and different windows even tried Linux.
    It seems whenever the card try to do any graphics acceleration it does not communicate well with the system.
  3. Could also be a ACPI issue - did you update all the power drivers for your board, too?

    Though I'm less inclined to call it a software issue now. I would run some standard tests - memtest, a hard disk diagnostic - to rule those out, but it doesn't sound like them.

    Are there any BIOS updates for your machine?
  4. There are no bios update after checking with msi live update.
    By the way: msi Exclusive ECO Engine Power Management System.
    Could it be related to the problem?
  5. I just found that there is an update( Update Date 2010-02-23).
  6. I updated the bios now and still the same.
    Do I update the firmware too? what its benefit?
  7. I would install the power driver, though this appears hardware-related.

    Firmware for what?

    The benefit of updating, is, of course, to solve the issue.
  8. I updated this
    This besides the bios which I did earlier.

    Still nothing but I disabled acpi in the bios then it gives me blue death screen at windows logon with ac or battery and restart rapidly.
  9. Could it be the ac adapter?
    My ac adapter do not have any brand but it came with the package.
  10. I suppose it could be - you can simply check the voltage of the adapter using a multimeter.

    If you've reinstalled Windows and even installed Linux, it really should be a hardware problem, but I'm at a loss for what. The only other thing I could think of is that the power circuitry on your motherboard has gone bad, somehow, which generally never happens.
  11. Can I emulate running from a battery instead of AC ? :)
  12. Do you mean plugging your AC adapter into your battery terminal?

    Unless you've the schematics for your board, that's a very bad idea.
  13. No I mean through a software, but I think this is stupid, just out of frustration,nothing more.
  14. Well, if I were you at this point, I would probably strip down the notebook to a board, a stick of memory, the heatsink and fan, and your CPU. Using an external monitor and keyboard, I'd see if it froze on AC power. If that doesn't work, I would try another AC adapter. If that doesn't work, I'd probably replace the motherboard, if the saving of this notebook is worth it to you.
  15. It is something either in the motherboard or the gpu.
    I tried disabling powermizer all the time thinking it it is a problem of throttling but it froze even on battery when I enable it all the time it worked fine for sometime on ac but then froze again so it is just hardware and must be repaired or just use it with no graphics capablities.
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