hey i got a super powerful computer a few months ago and theres somethoing wrong with it. every single time i start it up, it hangs. i can still move the mouse around but nothing responds. pressing ctrl-alt-delete wont work for 5 mins, and it goes like this for 5-10 mins. after that, every 10-15 mins, random programs start hanging and working again, while the rest of the computer is working
my specs are:
i7-920 2.66 ghz
12gb ddr3 tripple channel ram
1tb 7200rpm hard drive
nvidia gts 250
x58 chipset

please anything you can suggest might help!!
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  1. Behavior like that is typically the result or a failing hard drive, or faulty RAM. Download The Ultimate Boot CD and use the included hard drive diagnostic tools that match your hard drive manufacturer. Then go download a copy of MemTest86+. A copy of MemTest86+ is included on the UBCD, but it is an outdated version that may not work properly (produce inaccurate results) with the i7's memory controller and the ram you have installed.

    Edit: Oh, and I found your other thread asking the same question with a different topic. It has been removed. Please do not double post.
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