How do I figure out if my laptop screen is WLED vs RGBLED?


I ordered a DELL XPS Studio laptop with HD RGBLED screen for $200 extra. Some confusion on their end shows HD WLED in confirmation (same resolution), while they assure me that RGBLED is listed on my order.

Now, when it comes, how do I figure out exactly which screen I have? Some way to identify device tags (without opening the unit), or visual inspection tricks?

Not that I don't trust DELL, but when they are not able to send me a new confirmation, I am wondering what version of my order will be seen by the assembling unit, and what will they ship.
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  1. Off the top of my head I couldn't tell you the difference between them. I would assume that the RGB LED is brighter and generally a lot cleaner. Check out these links for more (the second link has the same question you posed and same issue with the confirmation showing different screen codes):
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