Looking to Purchase 5.1 System!

Hello all, I have some experience in building PCs up but this is the first time I am buying (and installing) an advanced surround sound system set.

After some research on the net I found that a 5.1 system would fit my room best.

Here comes the problem, I am having a really hard time finding a set of good quality speakers that also have all the inputs required, I looked at the logitech z-5500 and a few others but the input connections they have are often horrible (aka no HDMI or some other nonsense)...

What I would like is:

HDMI (for output to an HDTV)

3+ HDMI input (HTPC, XBOX, PS3, etc)
Coax (analog TV)
Digital TV (future proofing if I ever swap over)
A/V Cable set connections the red/yellow/white ones - for the WII

I have one more question with this - If I plug all of these items into the TV through the Speaker system would I need to use the Speaker system remote to browse all of the different "channels" (as it is now I use the TV remote to connect to TV, HDMI 1, Video 1, etc and then use the DVD/Video/Mediacenter remote to browse further)?
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  1. Hey all,

    After looking into it I am still having trouble choosing.

    I have a budget of ~500 Euros.

    Would it be better to buy a Speaker set which includes a receiver or to buy one seperatly? Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.
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