can i underclock an Athlon 1.3


My mobo only supports an athlon 1.1. And i only find 1.3 and i beleive 1.4s in my area. Used ones are even herder to find. So i was wondering if i could underclock an Athlon 1.3 or 1.4.


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  1. With BIOS update, you should be able to use Athlon 1.3/1.4 GHz.

    If your mobo supports 266 MHz FSB, then you should have no problem using any 266 MHz FSB Athlon/Athlon XP. If your mobo doesn't support 266 MHz FSB, then you have to use 200 MHz FSB Athlon

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  2. Some boards didn't support multipliers higher than 12.5x I believe.

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  3. It`s the Epox 8KTA+ and at the epox site they don`t have any flash utilities or explanations and don`t either say that a bios flash will enable the board to support a faster cpu.

    true the board is limited to a dipp switch clock rate setting of 11 X 100mhz = 1.1 athlon...right?

    Guess the original question remains then.

    Thanks guys anyway

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  4. I would think that since there is no architectural differences (just that multiplier and fsb speed will be limited) you could throw in any TBird and it should work, albeit at the max speed of 1.1 Ghz. It sounds to me like the MoBo supports FSB 100 and multi's up to 11. So it should support the underclock that you're wondering about. I am not sure about this, just trying to help out with some logic.

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  5. my old Abit KT7 board offered PC133 RAM and some [not much] OC ability. What options do you have in the BIOS?

    You may be able to buy something like an XP1800+ and underclock it, and then use it overclocked in a new board later on.

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  6. You can always unlock the CPU by pencil trick and select freely the multiplier, so my vote goes for "Yes", you can underclock it. It would be great if you can overclock at least the frecuency to take advantage of the CPU ...

    YES! Found it from Epox website of <A HREF="" target="_new">FAQ for your mobo</A>:

    <i>Setting PC133 SDRAM memory to use 133MHz clock.
    Summary of memory configuration with BIOS 8/14/2000 or older:
    Set jumper JP14 to 100MHz.
    (PC133 memory) Set DRAM Clock in Frequency/Voltage Control section of CMOS to HCLK + 33.
    (PC100 memory) Set DRAM Clock in Frequency/Voltage Control section of CMOS to Host Clock.

    Summary of memory configuration with BIOS 9/26/2000 or newer:
    Set jumper JP14 to 100MHz.
    These BIOS releases by default gather the correct settings (including clock speed support) via the SPD feature of SDRAM. But to manually adjust set DRAM Timing By SPD to Disabled in Advanced Chipset Features of CMOS.
    (PC133 memory) Set DRAM Clock to 133MHz.
    (PC100 memory) Set DRAM Clock to 100MHz.</i>

    So you can set to 133Mhz, meaning 11x133 = 1463Mhz. Man, you can buy it and run it without problem!

    Still looking for a <b>good online retailer</b> in Spain :frown:
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