IP printer prints but Printer not responding

Canon pixma IP 4500 is hooked on my ADSL box by the USB port.

It is configured on an IP port as RAW

OS Windows XP and Windows 7.

I can print without problem from any WIFI connected laptop. Every time I print I receive the message "Printer not responding" although the document is being printed correctly.

I cannot check the printer status or the ink level.

Thanks for your help.
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  1. The issue is that your printer does not know how to communicate on the connection you have setup. What equipment do you have it connected to? Is it a real print server? In order to have all of the options you list as missing, the printer needs to know how to report them with the interface you are using, and that interface in turn needs to know how to report that to the PC. In your case the print server just knows how to send a generic print job to the printer.

    If you want all of the features turned on, see if Epson has a print server made for your printer model.
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