New 2010 Macbook, 2.4ghz 13inch C2D or 2.4ghz 15.4" i5?

I am looking to buy a macbook, i dont mind whether its 13 or 15", but 13" may be a little better. I am looking at either the 13" base model for £999 with a core 2 duo (P8600 i believe)at 2.4ghz and also the 15" model with the i5 520m at 2.4ghz. For £1500

I am wondering if it is worth spending the extra £500 for the new i5 processor, i know its new technology but will i notice that much difference?

I will be using this at uni doing a civil engineering course. Mostly coursework, no games. Watching movies and possible some CAD.

I dont want to spend the extra if not necessary but will if required.

Also would i be better getting a 2009 version?
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    If you can afford it go for it because it has a significantly faster CPU,a better screen and more battery life too
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