Which is better for photo editing lcd or led

Hello,I am going to get husband a larger computer monitor for editing his photo's and am confused as to which is better, LCD or LED? I am going to get a 24 or 25 inch..What will work better as far as editing and color?

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  1. A "LED" is simply a LCD monitor with LED backlight rather than florescent backlight. LED backlight typically has a color gamut of around 68% - 70%. Normal color gamut is 74% and wide color gamut is anything above 74%.

    Due to slightly lower color gamut of 74% LED backlight monitors generally have slightly bluish color. most people won't mind, but if color accruacy is important then it better to steer clear of "LED monitors". The exception would be high end "LED monitors" that are meant for graphics professionals which comes with a high price; easily over $1,000.

    The most important thing to consider which most average consumers do not consider is the panel technology. Nearly 99% of monitors sold in brick & mortor stores are TN panel monitors. They are inexpensive due to below average color accuracy and viewing angles compared to other more expensive panel technologies. Poor viewing angles means the more off-center you are from being directly infront of the monitor the more the colors will fade and in some extreme cases the colors my appear negative (white is black, red is blue, green is purple, etc.). For the average consumer this is not a big deal.

    I recommend the Dell U2311h monitor. It uses a panel technology called e-IPS and is basically superior to any TN panel monitor due to better color accuracy and viewing angles. It is a little more expensive than the average TN panel monitor, but it is currently on sale for for $259 which makes it comparable in price to an average TN panel monitor.

    Here's a link:


    Here's an indepth review that is a little technical, but you can skip all the way down to the conclusion which basically covers why I am recommending the Dell U2311h.

  2. For photo editing, I agree with Jaguar - the most important thing is the panel technology. IPS is the best, but either IPS or VA are good enough, while TN (the majority of panels out there) is terrible. The Dell U2311h that Jaguar recommended is an excellent choice, and is probably the best currently available monitor for photo editing in the <$400 price range.
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