Connect speakers without audio output?

So let me start off by saying I have no idea what I'm doing exactly with audio equipment & ect. Aka i'm an idiot.

That said, I bought this TV - Samsung UN26D4003 26" reading reviews that it has weak / petty sound but a good image for my parents living room. Then I also bought a mediocre pair of speakers to address the sound issue. Turns out there is no audio output or headphone jack with the TV. I assumed there would be, & didn't bother to make sure. The TV also has two HDMI ports and a USB port. Is there ANY way to hook up the speakers I bought? Some type of adapter... Anything?
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  1. The HDMI port is an audio(and video) output. I'm not sure what kind of input your speakers have but I will assume a stereo mini plug. So unless you get some HDMI to RCA converter which cost around $30.00US it's not going to work. Or a better choice would be a cheap AV receiver with HDMI inputs and RCA outputs. Are the sepakers powered?

    I figured you have tried the TV sound to see if it is any good. Maybe they will be happy with that for now.

    Their should be some speakers with usb ports but I haven't checked to see if they exist. They probably do because some headphones are usb.
  2. They DO want the speakers haha. The speakers take the direct wire (Red/Black...), and they are not powered. So if the HDMI port will act as a video output I need a HDMI male with audio wire - or the double strand stuff with whatever else at the other end because I'd cut it and feed it directly to the speakers. I'm assuming (once again) that a HDMI male with audio cable to it is going to be impossible to find. Doubt I could build my own with the components soo.... Either new TV or new speakers it seems..? After I check the HDMI audio cable crap first, but I doubt that I'd find such a thing.

    Also different TV's advertise "digital audio output." What the hell does the digital mean?

    For example, "Digital Audio Output: Yes" @
  3. Since the speakers aren't powered a simple cable won't help.

    You may have a tough time finding a new TV that will be able to use unpowered speakers

    Outputs and inputs use an analogue signal, digital uses a digital signal.
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