New system, new cpu troubles

Well I have decided on eiher the
o Asus P4C800 Deluxe ($160)
o Asus P4C800-E Deluxe ($190)
and am in the process of getting the processor. The system will primarly be used for gaming server/web server depending on which way I go. Do i want to go with the Intel 2.4 HT or Intel 2.6 (almost could get 2.8) regular? Is the HT really worth it? If I go one way or the other should it change which chip I get? I was told HT wasn't good for gaming.

Thanks guys, I love this site and these forums!!!
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  1. I hear that Hyper Threading has some real issues but is it with the HT or is it because many users are still trying to run older software.
    I think that HT would not hurt your gaming and to have a HT system would be real nice.
    Microsoft XP works with HT and Microsoft and Intel have a good working relationship so why not get the good stuff.
    In the long run you could only benefit from the HT and I have read a few blurbs where graphics card manufacturers and software design Guru's are working to produce software and hardware that takes full advantage of HT.
    If you do not have HT you will never see the advantages and simply wonder what all the Hype about.

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  2. Get the 2.6 HT if you want HT, its almost the same price as the 2.4 HT... The HT processors also include an 800 mhz fsb (except the 3.06 ghz one), up from the 533 mhz bus of the normal processors.

    Anxiously awaiting it here yet?
  3. The 2.6C is priced at 2.4C levels now, the 2.4C is no longer being produced. Each time Intel releases a new speed, they drop an old one and push the rest down one level in price. Some places sell the 2.6C cheaper than the 2.4C. "C" stands for 800 bus, all have HT.

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  4. just wanted to say "thanks" I went with the 2.6 with HT, you guys were right, it was really close with the 2.4's. Thanks again guys!!!
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