BEST HEADSET for gaming!> PC and PS3???

I have worked my but off to find a good quality heaset with 5.1 or 7.1 that works and doesnt sound like dragging a anvil behind your car... i cannot find anything especially something that works with both ps3 and pc and doesnt cost a fortune, such as over $200....

any recommendations
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  1. I have the pc version of Turtle Beach's 5.1 headphones(non usb) that are great. They make a version that works with pc, ps3 and xbox.
  2. OK thanks, does anyone else have any comments? and does the surround sound work well with good quality sound and everything
  3. try the trittons 720+ or ax pr0+
  4. yeah it's tough to find a good multiplatform that doesn't break the bank. that being said, the Tactic 3D Omega is actually pretty decent. It is wireless though, but supports dolby and thx surround sound.

    They were $200 when they first came out, but they've since dropped in price, I believe around $140 now. I've owned a pair for around 18 months and they've worked well so far. the range and mic clarity is excellent, and the soundstage is pretty wide. precision in positional audio was surprisingly good too - noticeable change when playing CS, BF4, COD, Crysis, etc.

    its unfortunate there aren't more multiplatform options, but this is one of the better ones, and it doesn't cost $250+ like the A50.

    hope this helps! happy gaming :)
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