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Hey guys i am really hoping someone can give me an intelligent answer to this without making fun of my little Netbook. LOL. So this is my GF little pc and she has asked me for help in which I cannot offer. The problem lies in Internet Explorer. The darn thing connects to my home network and the free wifi that is offered at my job with no problems. However whenever I connect I open up IE and I always get the message of either this web page cannot be displayed or unknown address or not connected would you like to work offline. it is extremely frustrating to me because I am not a complete nube when it comes to the computer and i have tried every single viable option to get this stupid thing to work. i AM connected to the internet but IE will not show any pages at all. According to IE i am not even connected to the internet. I have read a ton of online forums to resolve these problems and absolutely nothing that has been suggested works. i have messed around and changed every option in IE possible. I have disabled firewalls and antivirus just for the sake of getting it to work. This makes no sense to me at all how I can be connected to the internet but I cannot view any web pages. I hafve never liked IE but that is the dumb ass browser that came with her netbook. I am wondering if I should take this thing back to Best Buy or re-install the whole OS I have no clue. Hmm maybe an excuse to put windows 7 on it. Anyways any help would be greatly appreciated man am I glad to have an intelligent community to turn to.
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  1. does IM or some other app that requires net conn work? It's very possible that it has messed up network settings. You'll need to set that to obtain IP and DNS settings from router or whatever Windows says. My guess is it's set to connect to a specific IP address and/or DNS server and that won't work with any hotspot other than the one that corresponds to those specific settings.
  2. Can you ping You should get a return IP address...
  3. Ok well no I cannot ping but I think Bliq is on to something. How do I change that setting so as it is no longer looking for a specific hotspot? Because nothing works IM or whatever else that requires an internet connection yet it says i am fully connected to the net. It has done this right out of the box. can anyohne tell me what setting to change so it is open to any connection??
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