Hdmi cable, what kind or which one??

Well Folks,

Sorry if this is not the right sub-category.I am just wondering what kind of HDMI cable I need to run my overhead 82" projector. I need 26ft (just to be safe). I know there is all kinds of ones and I will probably look on
All I do on the projector is play my ps3, watch movies.

Please give me some kind of information as I am lost on this one!!

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    I don't think you need any special type of cable. I think any 24 AWG or lower would suit your needs. Something like this perhaps. I'm currently using a 35' 24AWG DVI to HDMI cable from my HTPC to my projector for Blu-Ray playback. Works like a charm.

    -Wolf sends
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  3. Thanks for the reply, I have just gone an ordered one..... :-) cheers
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