Choice of 2 HSF, 1st time OC'er--help!

first off, i would like to thank everyone on this forum for their generosity with their time and wisdom for helping out people like myself who are just getting started, the things ive learned here already are amazing.

ok here goes -- i am setting myself up a new system. I am buying an XP 3000+ 400mhz fsb version and i plan on overclocking this to 3200+ or 3400+ speeds (if i can find that respective speed). Since i will not be OC'ing that much, i want to know if my seond choice is overkill, and if not, will it fit with my board -- here is the info

Case - **WITH FAN SPEED CONTROL** ThermalTake XASER <A HREF="" target="_new"> link </A>
Memroy - Mushkin level 2 dual pack pc3200 <A HREF="" target="_new"> link </A>
Motherboard - Gigabyte 7NNXP <A HREF="" target="_new"> link </A>
Choice #1 for HSF - Thermaltake volcano 11+ <A HREF="" target="_new"> link </A>
Choice #2 - Thermalright SLK900A <A HREF="" target="_new"> link </A> using a Vantec Tornado as fan <A HREF="" target="_new"> link </A>

Again, here are my main questions;

Is the thermalright overkill for the overclocking i am going to attempt?
Ive read the tornado is loud, but i should be able to control the loudness via the fan monitor on the Xaser case, correct?
If i do choose the Thermalright SLK900A, how can i find out if it fits my motherboard?
Does the SLK900A fit 92mm fans as well? The documentation specifies 80mm but the diagram shows 92.5mm slots --

Thanks a million guys,

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  1. just to add -- it has already been suggested that i save money and buy a 2500+ and overclock that to 3200 -- however, since this is my first time doing this, i feel i would be more comfortable doing this a bit smaller, and buying the 3000+ and starting from there and seeing how high i can go -- worst case scenario i am stuck at 3000 which is a speed i will be happy with.
  2. Get the 3000+ out of ur head...the 2500+ will do 3200+ SIMPLY by switching
    the FSB from 166 to 200 in the bios....If not stably, up the VCore a LITTLE
    bit and it's 100% stabel I gaurantee you....Also, the retail HSF that comes
    witht he 2500+ is MORE than adequite to cool the 2500+ WHEN overclocked to
    3200+ speeds...ive done it 6 times and counting now and full load temps i
    I have never seen go beyond 48 Degress celcious.....Anyways, as for
    Aftermarket cooler, the Volcano 11+ is CRAP....get the Volcano 7+, save sum
    Money and enjoy better cooling performance....that...or go with the other
    HSF that you mentioned.......the SLK900 i believe u said, i remember reading
    a review on it....very good HSF...

    <A HREF="" target="_new">-MeTaL RoCkEr</A>
  3. It doesn't take a lot to become an "expert OCer", finding a systems peak is fairly simple: OC the FSB to where you know the system will boot. Run Prime95 for 20 minutes (torture test), if there are no errors, increase FSB a bit more. Test again, continue doing so until Prime95 finds an error, at which point you have 2 things you can do, you can either decrease the FSB a bit or up Vcore A BIT (!). When you find the setup you are happy with, run Prime95 overnight and if there are no errors, you're fine.
    Tell Prime95 what to test (you'd see there's an option to test RAM, CPU or both) according to what you are stressing, if your RAM is still under it's specified speed (if the FSB is 180 and you have PC3200) stress just CPU.
    Testing the system for only 20 minutes will 90% of the time tell you if it's stable, so you do it to save time, but to be sure of system syability - run it overnight.
    Download Prime95 <A HREF="" target="_new">here</A>
    If you get to the point of no POST don't panic, just clear CMOS, my PC does it automatically after 3 no-Posts, though you might need to set a jumper on the mobo (consult manual)

    Is 2^33634943-1 prime? (more than 10Mil digits @65.11) I will know in 10 days when <A HREF="" target="_new">Prime95</A> finishes checking!
  4. Quote:
    Ive read the tornado is loud

    Loud? 59dBA!! Are you going to be sitting next to the freeway with the window wide open? Because that's the only way you're not going to hear that!

    Both of those heatsinks are total overkill. A nice quiet Vantec Aeroflow will not only be quieter than the stock heatsink, but also work better and be fine for your overclocking plans.

    <A HREF="" target="_new">My PCs</A> :cool:
  5. What you are trying is a really small overclock. an increase of 400+ does not equal 400mhz more, and only raising a little FSB you will get there.

    I agree with another post that suggest to buy a 2500+ and save a lot of money by not getting the 3000+ AND the HSF you suggest. Trust everybody here, you will get final speed you want for less money and very satisfied and proud of yourself. Just try it! I am sure you will suceed!

    And obviously ... let us know :wink:

    Still looking for a <b>good online retailer</b> in Spain :frown:
  6. I too learned most of what I know from these forums...especially what I know about overclocking.

    The 2500+ and the 3000+ are only different in the way AMD programs them to report to the motherboard. That and that they passed the speed tests for their rating. Nearly all 2500+ will run the speed you're looking for. The temps, etc. will be virtually the same for a 2500+ running at those speeds as a 3000+, as they are mechanically identical.

    I have a TBred B rated @ 1800+ (1.53) that runs 2.3 (11.5x200)Ghz with your second cooling setup (AX-7, not SLK900-close enough). That OC is pretty wicked and Prime95 does report some errors, but programs never fail or lockup, so I don't back off. My point is that an individual core has a maximum speed, regardless of it's rating and a 2500+ core is not necessarily worse than a 3200+ core-in fact there's a 50/50 chance it would do better.

    Your fan choice is probably too aggressive. That sucker is loud as all hell. For a demo (literally) put a hair dryer in your case and listen to see what you think. There are good fans that will allow you to hear AND keep your CPU cool. I hear that the Panaflo and Pabst fans are good as well as quiet, but I've never used either.

    SUMMARY: The goal that you have is reasonable. Buy a 2500+ because it is the same as a 3000+ (or 3200+) for your puposes. Get a good cooling setup. The tornado will do the job, but might be overkill. Let us know how you turn out.

    NOTE: Don't mess with voltages unless you're watching temps carefully. Increasing voltage is the best way to increase heat.

    Where there's a will, there's a way-even when it comes to screwing up.
  7. As far as the SLK-900 fitting on your mobo. It looks like there may be an issue with the capacitor really close to the socket. I am sure somebody probably has the board and will elaborate on your question ***REQUEST*** ;)

    Where there's a will, there's a way-even when it comes to screwing up.
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