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My Samsung SM2333HD monitor has started producing a smell of TCP/burning plastic. It is 1 and a half years old and I have seen no reduction in picture quality. I have tried turning the monitor off from the plug overnight to try and cool any internal parts but the smell still persists. However over the past few days the smell has been decreasing.

Is the monitor just burning through some plastic or has it actually done something like blown a capacitor?

Thanks in advance

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  1. It's hard to tell without actually taking it apart and looking for a bad capacitor. If you do, look for any leaking (top or bottom) or bulging capacitors.
  2. I would get it checked out. It definitely sounds like something is / was overheating.

    The fact that the smell has been decreasing is not generally a good thing 'cause it could mean whatever that came from has now completely burnt away.
  3. My Formac screen - which is about 7 years old, recenlty started to emit a very strong smell which was exactly like TCP, and has just started to fail - the screen goes completely black. Turning it off for a few minutes remedied the problem briefly, but I do think something has "blown" and the monitor is as good as dead for practical purposes. I'm not sure what it is that has blown and would cause a very strong smell of TCP however. I wouldn't know how to begin to open it up and check, so I think its just a case of 7 years use for a screen that cost 190 quid is pretty good going, and time to look for a new screen!

    !.5 years old, however, is another matter - is it still in warranty with the vendor or supplier maybe?
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