New PC Windows 7 Freezing up after Idle

I've just bought a new system 2 days ago and am having freezing issues with my Windows 7 installation. The entire system would freeze up after being left idle for a while (~5-10 minutes).

Usually the entire system would freeze completely when I return. On very few occassions, numlock would still work for a couple of times (before it stays on). Once, I managed to move the mouse cursor but it was really laggy and choppy before it froze up as well.

I have already installed all Windows updates, newest BIOS, and drivers from manufacturer website. I'm not how else to go about fixing this. Can someone help? Specs below:

Asus P8B75-M Core i3-3220
Crucial Ballistix Smart Tracer 8GB Kit (4GBx2) DDR3 PC3-14900
Asus GeForce GTX650
Antec EarthWatt EA-650W

On another note, I was also having some issues with my audio not working after a while before Window's update. The speakers would 'pop' before the sound either comes on or goes off. Either reboot or changing the sample rate in settings would cause the sound to return for a while before it goes off again.

Installing Window's update seemed to have gotten rid of the problem (further testing needed as only installed today) but I'm still hearing some occasional static or 'pop's even if I'm not playing any audio.

Please help. Thanks!
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  1. Hi, Try removing one RAM stick and test. What's the BIOS version?
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