Moving laptop lid triggers a usb error..

Whenever I move the laptop lid towards a closed position, it doesn't have to be closing the lid, just slightly moving it in that direction, I get an error. It's a USB error, saying how this USB port can move faster and so on, which is odd because its moving the lid that causes it, I'm not even touching the USB drive. I've gone into Device Manager and turned off the USB error messages so it doesn't bother me all the time, but I still get the error sound when the lid is moved, which is really bothering me.

Is there any way to disable this error at all?
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  1. That is a rather strange issue. Generally with USB errors, I recommend going to the laptop manufacturer's support site and updating the chipset, as doing so resets the USB controllers. If it is a USB controller issue that is somehow triggered by moving the lid, this should take care of it. If not, report back.
  2. Sorry for the reply but I appriciate you helping me! Strange enough my mom, girlfriend and I all have the same computer. It's actually happening to my moms and girlfriends but not mine. On one of the computers I reinstalled the chipset and that did it! Thanks so much :)
  3. OK, im back. The error came back today. It didn't fix it. Next step?
  4. Can you rebuild your computer quickly? Or, you could try uninstalling your current USB drivers completely (also to make sure there are no extra USB drivers laying around in your HDD) and download the newest ones available. Restart and point your USB install towards the newest USB driver's you've downloaded.

    To do this:

    Right click on "My computer"

    Left click on "Manage my computer"

    In computer management go to "Device manager"

    Expand the USB controllers. Right click on each on and uninstall. Important!: Make sure all your old USB drivers are not on your computer. Once you restart if you have your old USB drivers it may try to install those instead of the ones you downloaded.

    If none of this works, I suggest going directly to the manufacturers support website and do some searching there, as there may be other people with similar problems and may even have a solution.
  5. I had the same problem. Try disable the integrated Webcam !

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