Win 7 Netbook with 8hrs battery life & virtualization

Hi all,

I've come here looking for some advice on which netbook to buy. With so many mixed reviews/models out there I'm actually stuck on what to buy.

What I'm after

Netbook with a 10" to 13" screen
2GB RAM or Higher
Virtualization support
8hrs battery life
250GB HD or bigger

The rest I'm not fussed about for example which OS it comes with.

Is there actually a product on the market that can provide me with all that? Have you any recommendations/what to steer clear of?


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  1. 8Hrs of battery life?? no way. To have virtualization you need i7 which doesn't come out in 10-13" netbooks. What are you going to use the laptop for?
  2. Hi,

    Many thanks for the reply.

    I hope to be using the laptop for RDP'ing around and running quite a few virtual machines (not all at the same time)

    With regards to the 8hrs battery life, i have seen a few brands quoting that? Am i wrong? I understand 8hours is with little or no use just the netbook turned on.


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