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My question is, with the upcoming games coming out soon like doom3/half life 2 approaching soon, what is the ideal choice for upgrades
I currently have
p4 1.8A 400fsb (oc'd at 2.6)
sis648 msi mobo
with 768mb of ram pc2700
and an ati 9600 128mb pro

What is the ideal upgrade for the games coming out soon, and is it smart to hold off for releases in cpu's in the next few months

For me i only see upgrading my mobo/cpu/ram, but the thing is, with the new athlon64 out now and pentium 4 coming out with their ee additions, this cant be the current thing pentium 4 has to bite back at athlon 64, are there any new technologies intel has up their sleeves for this whole 64 bit deal, I dont really see a need to upgrade my current system for these games in the next few months if there is any new technology coming out soon, I want some others opinions and any info they have on this. Whats next? from my view I would hold off on upgrading to the new super pentium4 ee's or the athlon 64 and wait for intel to come out with something new, I remember reading somewhere intel's pentium 4 has the capability of being able to go up to 10ghz, but with athlon64 coming out with this new technology i dont think intel would keep pumping out these overclocked pentium 4's with pumped up fsb, so what do you guys think would be the ideal thing to do, settle for a new intel or give into buying an athlon64, right now i see p4 2.6 or 2.8 being the best bang for the buck unless you wanna dive into buying an athlon 64 and having to spend cash on ECC registered ram for it

My idea would be to sell the mobo/cpu/ram on a forum on here and just buy a new one, or just hold off all together to see what intel is gonna pull out of their sleeve
btw the ati 9600 was a great deal, I purchased it as being a 9600 SE from bestbuy for 130 bux(i had a geforce 4 ti4200 64mb before) they had certain serial numbers with pro's in the box. I plan to use it as a mediocre card for right now, and going full bore and buying a top quality one once these new games out, or do you think i should just settle with what i have now?
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  1. You have a decent system. If you're going to upgrade, I would wait until Feb when Intel releases the Prescott, and see if prices drop on older P4's or the athlon 64.
  2. You got a fine systemes i suggest that you wait about 1 year.DDR-2 will be out and PCI express new prescott LGA grantdale and Socket 939 for AMD.

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  3. "What is the ideal upgrade for the games coming out soon, and is it smart to hold off for releases in cpu's in the next few months"

    If history repeats itself, CPU prices will be dropping in a few months...

    As for the new Intel cpu tech coming out, there's alot of speculation, and little else, as to how the new procs are going to perform. It also isn't clear at all if people will embrace the AMD-64 to the point that mainstream software and games are written to take advantage of it. If they don't, then you might as well have a pumped up 32 bit processor, as without the 64 bit apps, the 64 is about on par with the P4EE.

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  4. ddr2, pci-express, and new video card lines are due out beginning of next year chipset wise, in addition to the prescott line from intel and I'm sure there will be more a64 chips available also. If you can put off a build for 3-4 months you'd be better off to be sure.

  5. Can you bring that crappy vid card back? se = Stinky Edtion. You where better off with TI4200.
  6. That system will play HL2 and Doom3 without any problem

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  7. i dunno about you but i am reading, 9600pro.

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  8. You're not going to see a huge performance increase with modern hardware, since you're already at 2.6GHz, except in memory bandwidth. I wouldn't bother for now, I'd wait until at least 4GHz before making an upgrade move.

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  9. At the bottom it says 9600se.
  10. no, what i meant is, a month ago or so, if you went to bestbuy and purchased the 9600 SE for 130, it really came with a 9600 PRO, going by certain serial numbers, so the 130 bux you paid, was really going towards a PRO 128mb and half life 2, was a very sweet deal, it even says PRO on the chipset, this was some deal that was going on, i read off some other tech site

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  11. Are PCI-X, DDR2 due in January?

    I just got the components to build a new system. Abit IS7, 2.6 CPU, etc. Would PCI-X require a new mobo, etc? Would any of my current components such as video card, sound card, modem, hard drive, memory, etc work when these come out, if I want to upgrade?
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