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Hi guys, i have an asus x50gl laptop, core 2 duo T5800, Nvidia chipset and integrated video card 8200m g,so my problem is , that when i am playing gams for example , the gpu reaches 70 degrees Celsius and my laptop shuts down.In the BIOS ,there are no possibility to controll the Temperetures. Can you tell me what can do to encrease the maximum value for temperature ,because 70 is actualy ok right ?
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  1. Are you sure there isn't another temperature limiting this?
  2. What do you mean?
  3. adenin for how much hav u been using the laptop??

    i am currently using an acer aspire 5720 and a nx9010 compaq.

    the acer is more recent and when i was playing games on it, the laptop sometimes overheat and shuts down!

    what i did to fix it was

    1. try checking if while you are playing if there is any process which eating up your processor. u need to free the processor!

    2. the 1st step was nt working for me. so i bought a cooler pad for the laptop, but it is still overheating( not same when there was no cooler).

    3. so i opened the laptop and cleaned it. remove all the dust.
    clean your extractor and fans.

    trust me now my laptop never overheats, it been a very time since it did not overheat!

    try not wasting your money on the cooler pad, clean the fans and the extractor first.(it will work)

    tell me if i was of any help and if it is still heating reply to me, i'll research on it!
  4. Generally in lower notebooks the heatsink and fan assemblies for the GPU and the CPU are linked with a heatpipe for both - your GPU might not be overheating, but perhaps your CPU is. Did you check your CPU temperature? (that's what I mean by another temp limiting)
  5. No ,the CPU temp is just fine doesnt get further than 65 C ,i ve made a couple of cpu tsts,i am pretty sure its the gpu.
  6. I ve cleaned it a week ago ,so it cant be the dust , but you see 70 C isn't that hot, but thanks anyway .
  7. 70C isn't hot for a GPU, but 65C is certainly getting up there for a CPU. Is there a way you can run the notebook in a room with a lower ambient temperature (perhaps air conditioning)?
    Also, try raising the notebook off the surface you use it on (which should be hard, preferably metal or ceramic) to get more airflow underneath it.
  8. Although 65 is a bit ,it isn't the shut down temperature .i forgot to mention that before the mainboard has been changed from ASUS a month ago ,there wasn't such a shuting down even when the temp 72 C was.
  9. Does it shut off or just restart? It could be a memory problem..

    Generally, though, the machine shutting off indicates a heat or power problem. Is your AC adapter getting far too hot?
  10. No restart ,just shuts off. The AC adaptter is fine.
  11. To me it sounds like might just be a faulty replacement board from Asus. Most the parts they use for replacements (goes for all manufactures) are Refurbished parts.

    If this issue wasn't happening before you sent it in then it sounds like bad replacement part and if its still under warranty why not have them replace any hardware issues...

    Also you might want to try a clean install of your Nvidia display drivers I seen bad video driver installs cause some real havoc on PC's In fact I would try the fresh video driver install then contact Asus about faulty replacement

    PS what was the original issue with the board that it needed replacement?
  12. It could't start for a several times.i have this question :can i manipulate somehow the maximum gpu Temp before it shutts off (so the laptop shutts off not on 70 C but on 75 C)?
  13. there isn't anything you could do your self to fix this that wouldn't completely void the warranty on the laptop. That's assuming that the video card even gave you access to modify the temp shut down. Like i said in my previous post the best thing you could do is send it back for warranty repair if the GPU/CPU/Chipset is hitting a thermal shut off barrier then something isn't right with the computer and mucking with the settings could even be dangerous and end up destroying the laptop Also just because it only seems like this happens when playing games doesn't mean its the video card it could be many other things related to hardware.
  14. I must have missed the part where the board got replaced.

    If they replaced it and it doesn't work properly, that's likely to be the problem (and they should repair it for free, since it's pretty much their fault).
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