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I have been looking for a TV to use as a PC monitor; basically, I don't watch "TV", except via internet - ABC, CBS etc and netflix. So I'm in the process of buying a cheap computer to function as my internet video provider (to watch my network shows and the occasional movie via netflix).

In researching TVs, I think (?) I recently discovered that I need to be sure the TV has analog audio output - so I can connect it to my stereo - i.e. home 'theater'?

Kinda makes me think I'm missing many other basics here!

The PC I'll likely buy will not have an hdmi output - so my TV will need to have a vga port - correct?

I've also read that I should get an hdtv - vs standard tv and that it should support 1080 to match the resolution of the PC (?)

what else do i need to think about! I'm only looking for a 32" TV -

thanks in advance

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  1. Since your video and audio source is going to be the computer, you should probably connect your stereo/home theater to an audio output from the computer. Assuming your stereo only has left/right (red/white) audio inputs, you'd need a 3.5mm stereo to L/R RCA audio cable. This would connect from the PCs green audio output port to the back of the stereo.

    Your PC may or may not have an HDMI port. It may have, instead, a DVI port which you could use with a DVI --> HDMI cable to connect to your HDTV's HDMI port. If your new PC only has a VGA output, then yes, you need to make sure the new HDTV has a PC (VGA) input.

    Yes, you should be looking for an HDTV with a native resolution of 1080p (1920x1080).

    -Wolf sends
  2. Awesome!! Thanks Wolfshadow . . .

    I wondered about getting audio directly from the PC to the stereo, but wasn't sure.

    I'll have to research a "DVI" port - not sure what that is.

    I'm looking at some refurbished older computers since it doesn't have to do much - I'm not a gamer. So unlikely to have an HDMI port - probably spend @ $100 - $130 for this 'media server' (of sorts). Hoping to get a cpu of at least 2.0; DDR2 memory, high def audio chipset, win 7 OS, but not much else!

    thanks again for your time

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