TV or monitor for internet video (via PC) (revisited - kinda)

Greetings again;

thought I'd start a new thread - for a similar - but different Q:

If I'm watching all internet video content via my PC (major networks: ABC, CBS; and netflix) as my "TV" entertainment, plus DVD movies - should I buy a TV . . . (my original intent thinking it would give me better image quality) or a monitor?

After hours and hours at this! I encountered a thread on another forum here: ( which seems to have generally concluded that I'd be better off with a monitor and NOT a TV . . . I feel like I've wasted hours of my time!

I was only looking for a 32" TV - should I stick with a monitor?

I'm sooo lost!

and soooo tired of spinning my wheels . .

please just tell me what to do!

and if you know of a good tv or monitor - that info would also be much appreciated! I'm tired of reviews and research!!

I have other things I should be doing!

Thanks so much in advance!!

should I post this in a different forum???

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  1. The problem is you're not going to find a 32" monitor is the same price range as a 32" 1080p HDTV. Having a monitor might make things a bit easier (HDTVs can be somewhat finicky in accepting a 1080p input from a graphics card), but once it's set up, it shouldn't cause any more headaches.

    If you don't mind dropping down to a 27" monitor, then I'd probably recommend going that route, otherwise, stick with the 32" HDTV.

    -Wolf sends

    Edit: Understand that by going with a monitor (which usually do not include good speakers), you will have to route your computer audio through your stereo.
  2. a monitor is a better choice for computing tasks.
    a television is a better choice for movies.

    while i have no documented source i believe there is a difference in pixel arrangments. text is a bit harder to read on televisions then on monitors but i have not had the opportunity to compare two equal sized screens side by side so it is hard to judge accurately.

    i use a 40" screen for games, movies and the ocassional computing tasks and it works great. television prices are also reasonable this time of year.

    just remember to get a 1080p version and not a 720p. to save yourself headache get a 60hz model also not 120hz or 240hz.

    tvs can also use different panel technology then monitors. a relative just bought a 46" tv for $700 which behaves exactly like an ips panel (good color, wide viewing angle) but a computer monitor in IPS is going to cost you $600-700 for a major brand at only 22" in size. i'm not saying this is always the case though.

    reading other forum posts is a good idea to get a better handle on things but realize there is no right answer here. technically either would work. if all you do is watch tv i'd get a 32-40" tv. sony samsung or lg
  3. Greetings Wolfshadw and ssddx;

    Thanks so much for replying (again!) - it's just so much to sort through if you're not up to speed - and I clearly am NOT!

    I had intended to route sound through my stereo - so that's taken care of.

    Sounds like all my hours of trying to find a TV have not been a lost cause. Thanks for keeping me on track.

    a TV it is!

    Really appreciate your time.

    Happy Holidays!

  4. Hi again;

    If my computer doesn't have an HDMI output - does 1080p matter?


  5. I don't think it's so much what connection port you use as it is the content you're viewing. If budget is a concern, then you could get by just fine with a 720p/1080i HDTV, but if budget allows, go for the 1080p HDTV.

    -Wolf sends
  6. what type of connection do you have on your video card?

    if its DVI-D then a simple dvi-d to hdmi cable will work.
    if it is VGA then you need a conversion box.

    1920x1080 is 1080p. this would be the resolution of your desktop. too low of a resolution on too large of a screen and things will start to look pixelated. while not horrible at 720p and 32" it would definitely not be ideal.

    if you want to know bad.. i once hooked up a pc to an old tube television. the icons were 3 inches tall....

    anything lower then 1080p resolution at 32" will be like looking at the old 1024x768 desktops of the windows 98 age. while you can most certainly use a 720p screen i would not recommend it.
  7. currently, it's just a vga port; so either I find a TV with a VGA port (tough but not undoable) or I upgrade the video card via the pci slot (?). Seems like I ought to just upgrade the video card with an HDMI port.

    Still, finding a decent 32" with 1080p is not so easy either!

    any recommendations - TV or video card are appreciated?

    thanks again

  8. vga is rather outdated. dvi and/or hdmi are pretty much standard on new cards. if all you do is watch video/movies you do not need a very high end video card and could upgrade for rather cheap.

    personally i buy nothing but evga nvidia graphics cards for my own use since evga is a great company and since i like nvidia software better but technically ati/amd products and other brands will work as well.

    my personal preferences in tv brands would be sony, samsung and lg in that order. anything else i dont even waste time looking at. again, technically other products will work. i would also avoid vizio, olevia and other cheap discount brands. while i have heard some stories about them working perfectly i've heard and seen (i used to work retail) quite a few returns and repairs on these brands as well. just keep that in mind.
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