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Last response: in Opinions and Experiences
December 27, 2000 7:30:33 PM

Here I am all set to finalize my order(complete system) with Axion Tech and then i realize this is a Canadian Co.

Maybe this shouldn't matter and it probably doesn't but are there any legal issue's or tech support issue's I should be concerned with since i am in the USA. I assume my tech support number will be an international call(i need to find out about that), I am wondering about my legal rights also.

Allot of what if's are going through my head.

They have a good rating on

Someone plese put my worries to rest, i have spent the last 2 weeks configuring and reconfiguring my system and I would like to purchase now.

TIA, simtis

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December 28, 2000 12:19:22 PM

You *shouldn't* have any problems. If the company itself is reliable (the most important thing regardless of location), you won't have much more trouble whether they're in another state or in Canada.
While the call is technically international, Canada & USA are so linked that you don't have to dial usual 011-xxx-###-### (which you do for most international lines), just regular 1-800-xxx-xxxx (if they have an 800 #)
The bigest trouble may be with shipping -- I don't know if shipping is going to cost you slightly more than if they were local to USA. Also, you probably won't have to pay Canadian taxes, but you might pay some USA taxes or duties when they come in.
But, the company itself probably has a lot of experience with shipping to USA, so its your best bet to ask them directly -- you'll also find at the same time how likely and willing they are to help you and give you answers:) 

legally, it shouldn't matter -- you're still warrantied etc... I have ordered from Canada when I lived in USA and I order from USA now that I live in Canada.
It depends (as always) on how good the company is, but the distance or the country border itself should cause you no problems:) 

(even Maximum PC in their latest edition gave 10/10 and recommended a VooDoo PC -- which is a Canadian Computer company while the magazine is from USA:) 

Good luck:) 
December 29, 2000 12:29:50 AM

Thanks for the reply Kodiak, I will research a bit more before i commit.
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December 29, 2000 2:10:37 AM

What? Axion Tech is from Canada?!?!?!? BAH!!! I skipped it in pricewatch cause I though it was American! CRAP!!!!! Oh well the problems of others solves problems of different others. Hah.
December 29, 2000 2:40:31 AM

I just went to their web site via If it's the same place, it's called Axion Technologies, LLC on reseller..., but just Axion Technologies on their own web site. Their web site gives directions to Houston, Texas, but I presume the LLC means a "foreign" country? Don't remember what it stands for.

December 29, 2000 6:35:33 PM

OK, now I am extreamely F$&^$!*@ CONFUSED!!!

Yes the LLC is confusing me also. I too saw the directions(today) to the Houston store. Maybe i should email them to clarify this. The tech phone number has a 281 area code which is Houston. Im not sure what LLC stands for but Im now fairly sure not Canada.

feeling a little stupid right about now :)  :(  :) 

This is probably not the right forum for this question but what does LLC stand for????
December 29, 2000 7:25:05 PM

I'm a little disappointed in you simtis. I thought everyone knew that:

<i>The limited liability company (referred to as LLCs) combines the advantages of a corporation with the advantages of a partnership. A properly formed LLC can possess both the limited liability of a corporation and the pass-through tax treatment of a partnership. The availability of the LLC effectively eliminates the traditional "Hobson's choice" that business planners have had to make between possessing limited liability and possessing the pass-through tax treatment of a partnership. Although the LLC is a new form of business organization to U.S. practitioners, it embodies corporate, partnership and tax concepts that are familiar to U.S. practitioners. All fifty states and the District of Columbia have enacted LLC statutes.

While the LLC is a new form of business organization in the United States, it has existed in Europe and South America since the 19th century. The designation "GmbH" after a company name identifies a German LLC. The designation "S.A.R.L." identifies a French LLC and the designation "E.P.E." identifies a Greek LLC. In South America, an LLC is referred to as a "Limitada".</i> <b>This is just the beginning....Mike</b>

(written by Nicholas G. Karambelas, Esq.
Copyright 1997)

found at: with question "what does LLC mean?"

December 29, 2000 11:01:42 PM

I was going to guess that..................Not

Thanks, i felt a little stupid before but reading that made things worse and gave me a headache.
December 30, 2000 10:19:34 AM

I've order from axiontech a few times and have NEVER had a problem with them. I've also recommended them to friends and they've never had problems either.

Enjoy your purchase from them.
January 22, 2001 6:09:52 PM

still don't know about the Canada thang....but I've ordered from axiontech several..several times. The axiontech I use is located in texas usa...has provided wonderful Q&A for me, and ships products out very quickly. The also state that they don't play the "Let's Gouge On Shipping" game. No I don't work there...they were just one of the first honest places I found online.