how can i buy the hardware?

who can tell me where is good? I am in Wisconsin.Thanks!
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  1. Are you looking to buy in a store or online? For online, I reccomend <A HREF="" target="_new">Newegg</A>. Otherwise, for a store, I'd say goto a bestbuy, compusa, or for resistors and stuff radio shack. I've also heard Fry's electronics is good, though I've never been in one. IMO, internet is the cheapest and best, unless of course compusa's having a sale:)

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  2. thank you so much.
  3. CompUSA - The worst of the worst. Stay away. Prices, quality, and return policy is horrible. I will never shop there again.

    Fry's is absolutely horrible. They have a lot to choose from, but their prices are ridiculous. Only buy sale items and make sure you compare it to online prices to make sure you aren't getting hosed. I'll only buy sale items there, and I have yet to find a sale item that was something I wanted. Be careful that you aren't buying a returned item. They seem to repackage everything.

    Best Buy - Certain items are priced reasonably and within a few dollars of online sales, but their variety is limited.

    All in all, shopping at any of these places is not that great. Buy online. is awesome.

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  4. Mm, I have to disagree with u on the Compusa part. I have bought numerous items from them when on sale, and a few of my freinds have practically built comps from their onsale parts. At least in my area, they have excellent return policy, haven't had any trouble, and their products have lasted. Plus u get manufacturer warrantee. Prices aren't bad in many cases, and when on sale, damn, dirt cheap.

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  5. CompUSA has good specials but the only real advantage I have seen anyone get from them is my friend who used to work there who buys stuff under warranty and then breaks it before the warranty ends. Then they give him something better than what he bought to replace it. I think that is a pretty lame practice but that is really the only way I can see to get a good deal from a big store like that. is really good and I would buy from them if I didn't run my own store. I can meet or beat their prices in most cases but they are better than a lot of other places out there on prices. I haven't bought from them so I don't know about their service but I'm sure they are probably good. Has anybody bought from them?
  6. Everything I've ever bought at CompUSA was expensive and broke.

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