Sony vs. JVC in digial video camera review...

i was kinda stunned that there would be a review pitting the Sony VX2100 against JVC's GR-PD1 and no mention of the Panasonic AG-DVX100A, which is considered by many to be a breakthrough prosumer camera.

any thoughts on why no mention? seemed odd to me. i just hope noone gets one of these cameras upon that review without making sure they check out the DVX-100A (and possibly the XL1-s from canon)
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  1. No doubt the Panasonic rawks all over all the other small cameras, except in low light in which I believe the Sony 170 and 2100 out-do it by a bit. Awesome colors, and 30p is wonderful as well. The Panasonic is also approx 2x the price, so that may be the reason. Really there's no reason for anyone to buy an xl1s anymore, unless your gonna put some heavy duty lenses on that bad boy, ala Panavision and the other film lenses.

    The part in the article about the editing of the JVC footage is a little missleading. There are currently solutions on market for editing the footage. Soon there will be many more solutions to handle that mpeg2 very easily. Vegas 5 can do it I've heard.
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