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I am running windows 8 on a dual monitor PC. The current implementation of the taskbar is better than that of win7, but I would like to treat the taskbar as one interrupted bar, with all of the taskbar buttons starting on the bottom left of my first screen (the left one), and the tray icons and clock on the bottom right of my second screen.

The taskbar properties menu doesn't allow for this, despite it being a logical and intuitive configuration (at least to me).

Is it possible to set it up like this, using registry editing? If so, I'm willing to attempt it, despite the inherent risks of meddling with registry settings. My win8 install is on an old 160gb HDD that I've put to the purpose for this, and there's nothing on it that I value.
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  1. See if this is what you are trying to do. If so contact the author. Cheers

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