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disk(0) or disk(1) ???

Last response: in Windows XP
September 25, 2002 9:39:14 AM

I currently have 2 hard drives, Windows98 is install on primary master, WindowsXP is installed on primary slave, each OS is independent (<b>no dual boot</b>)...
Since XP is installed on the slave, souldn't this > <b>multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /fastdetect</b> be this > <b>multi(0)disk(1)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /fastdetect</b> instead???
Yet XP still boots fine with disk(0) instead of disk(1).
Could someone tell me how I should set the disk(<b>?</b>)


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September 25, 2002 11:55:34 AM

I assume that you disconect the drive you are not booting from? in which case, if you disconnect the 98 drive, the XP drive becomes 0,0,1

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September 26, 2002 5:14:53 AM

No, both drives are always connected, 1 partition per drive (no dual boot), 1 primary master & 1 primary slave, shouldn't the slave (where xp lives) be disk(1) instead of disk(0)? Isn't disk(0) supposed to be the master drive?

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September 26, 2002 3:59:57 PM

Fat 32 = Faster
NTFS = More stable
To be honest F32 isnt that much faster and u wont really notice the difference.

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September 27, 2002 2:21:03 AM

I don't believe I asked which file system is better...

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September 27, 2002 5:09:58 PM

where did that come from?

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September 27, 2002 5:27:56 PM

If the drives aren't set for dual boot, how do you switch? Do you just choose in Bios to boot from HD0 or HD1?

I'm not sure, but that might do a little soft swap of the drives so that the OS would see the drive that you had booted from as 0.
September 28, 2002 3:11:57 AM

Yes, I choose which disk to boot from BIOS.
Interesting... XP should be able to tell which drive is master, and which drive is slave... at least BIOS <b>knows</b>

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September 30, 2002 11:27:49 AM

Windows doesnt really care which is master/slave

If you change the boot sequence in bios, your 1st boot device will be C:, hence the boot.ini files, they are correct for the way you are controlling your o/s boot choice.

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