Bent CPU Pins? (Pentium 4)

I just bought a bunch of great components for a new PC I've built. I didn't go ALL out, but I did go all out. I slapped everything together last night and the mobo stalls on boot-up.

I have an idea why it stalled. But I'm not sure if this is actual a valid problem. A month ago I opened up my Pentium4 Box because I wanted to peak at its contents. I wasn't ready to build my rig yet, so I put it back in the box. Somehow the plastic box it was in BENT about 6 pins, 45 degrees. They must have been bent the entire 2 weeks it was in the box. Last night I gently pushed the pins back in place, and inserted it nicely into the mobo.

My parts are all brand new and they are as followed: Pentium4@3.0Ghz, Intel865GBF chipset/mobo. Dual-Channel OCZ 1GB Platinum DDR400mhz Memory, 2X Western Digital SATA Raptor @ 36GB, ATI Radeon 9800 XT 256MB, SoundBlaster Audigy 2 Platinum Internal, Zalman 400W Silent Power Supply, Plextor PX-708A 8X +- DVD-R/RW, & Windows XP Professional Retail.

I was extremely excited about getting the system up and running, but I must say, I'm not experienced in the ways of the non-boot-up, so I have no clue what the prob is. Maybe its my previously bent pins. I'm not sure how sensitive these chips are to minor manipulation such as this. I just know that I'm strapped for cash (with Christmas spending 'n all) and I don't want to hand my system away for the techies to mess with for 5 days only to tell me a jumper fell off the board or something pathetic like that.

NOTE: on boot-up, there is NO beep. No diagnostics. Nothing. DVD burner powers-up, CPU Fan powers up, then DVD burner spins up again after 10 or seconds and repeats continually during wait.

And as always in the Tom's Forums; thanks guys for your enlightening and valuable expertise!
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  1. There was alot going on then bent pins. There is also a break between the pins and the chip. That CPU is dead. If this was a retail version, just contact intel about this and tell give ya a replacement. When the system does jack squat when you turn it on means a dead CPU....

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  2. Seriously!? OMG, I gotta shell out 350 more dollars just 'cause I moved some metal pins and then pushed them into place? I mean, I believe you, but the budget side of my brain doesn't want to believe you. I'm really disappoined at this error. I'm amazed the damn box is even designed in such a way that the pins are able to bend when closed again. Well, I bought the chip newly boxed on eBay so it looks like without a receipt I won't be able to send it to Intel. Looks like I have to use yet another week's paycheque just to cover my stupid human-error. Uhhhh
  3. I've dealt with bent pins all the time. (Like to scrounge old systems and 'play' with em) <i>Usually</i> it is not a problem. Could be your CPU is not all the way into the socket. Or the memory. Or something has died, my bet is on the CPU (How did the pins get bent?). But it would be nice to check. A good friend with a P4 would be ideal.

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  4. Did you buy it used on Ebay? Are you sure it was'nt shipped bent?

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  5. Everything was boxed brand new. I opened everything first time. Everything was factory sealed. I purchased items from reputable eBay retailers most of which were Power-Sellers. (usually quite credible). If you look at the plastic encasing where the chip sits, there is a little, umm, how do I put this, shape or bevel in the plastic which the chip pressed into when I closed the box again.

    I just took the fan off, used a magnifying glass and carefully pushed the pins back into as perfect place as possible. I firmly placed the cpu back in the mobo, hit power, and same result. Nothing. I'm really screwed at the moment and not happy.

    Thanks for the all great pointers. I atleast know not to have the techies charge me for assessment time.

  6. So um yeah, when I put the chip back in the plastic container (retail box) I did so up-side-down. If you were look at the packaging you'd see for yourself just how easy it is for the pins to bend. But, I just had bad luck. I was in the position that I had to put it back in the box. Most people open it, then throw it out. Plus, I put it in upside down, with a bit too much trust in their packaging. Ech! I'm just having a really bad day. To top it off, some a** on eBay scammed me and now I'm fighting him with legal threats. The fun never ends for me.... meh!
  7. take it to a shop

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