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Trying to decide between these two products. Its seems with Ceton my PC will need to be on all the time and each TV will require an extender. With the HDHomerun prime the tuner is independent but each TV will require a PC to access Windows Media Center, in my case.

I am leaning towards the HDHomerun buy see I will need either the expense of PC's or an Extender for each TV.
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  1. If all you have are TVs throughout the house, then you're going to need at least an extender regardless of which device you get. In that regard, you may want to look at the Ceton Echo. As for which tuner product, though I am a Ceton InfiniTV4 owner and I love it, I'd probably lean more towards the HDHomeRun Prime in your case, primarily for the dynamic assignment of tuners. It really depends on how many TVs you want to have hooked up in your home.

    -Wolf sends
  2. Thanks for the input.
    Rovi has discontinued the broadcast data service for consumer electronic guides in North America. I no longer have the over the air TV Guide on my sony TV. Has this affect your Ceton InfiniTV4? Did or does the Ceton Tuners pull its TV Guide info, off of Rovi's canceled broadcast data?

    If so the whole concept of cutting the cord from the cable companies is up in smoke.
  3. Umm... Both of these devices require a cable subscription and a cablecard from your cable provider. The tuner card and cablecard, when installed into a PC removes the need for a set top box from your cable company. For example, instead of paying $17/month for one set top box, I pay $2/month for a cablecard, but neither of these tuners work without a cablecard from the cable company.

    Regardless, I don't believe it's the Ceton card that pulls the EPG down to my system, but Windows Media Center. Either way, it's pulled from the Internet (not OTA), so I'm not affected. I just checked my guide and I have data all the way out to December 18th (though it should be the 20th).

    -Wolf sends
  4. Thanks again,

    Another question I have with your setup. Your PC needs to be on inorder for you to watch and record TV, correct? When you select to record programs, do you put your PC into sleep mode and it wakes up when its time to record that program? Or do you just leave it on 24/7?

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    I just leave mine on 24/7, but others do make their systems go into sleep mode. When it's time for a recording to start, the system wakes up. I haven't perfected this with my system, which is why I don't do this.

    -Wolf sends
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