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[Not Responding], apps delay

November 18, 2012 3:57:11 AM


My system for some reason now delays to open many things sometimes. For example.

Open Start Menu > Click to open a program. *The Menu doesnt closes and the apps doesnt starts after some seconds* 0 load no hdd actviity until the program starts loading.


Open many tabs firefox, firefox hangs(Not responding), no hdd activity no cpu usage. This happens to others programs, but with simply things like Save as... or opening a menu.

Try to open a program that requires UAC, the dialog takes like 30 seconds to appear.

I thought it was Kaspersky and ZoneAlarm conflict but, I closed both and the problem persists

I have an I7 3.4 Ghz and 12GB of ram, a 7200 1.5TB HardDrive.

The system doesnt hang up, it just the applications has a weird annoying and long delay, it's like the enter in a ghost queue...

I have no idea what I did, it just started randomly one day, and its getting annoying.. i have to restart my pc so the delays are less longer.

Help please, i dont want to reinstall windows....

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