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Hey Guys,

Are Gaming keyboards worth the cost? I recently got a nice gaming mouse and can see a vast difference over the one I was using, and have since been thinking about a keyboard in the same vein? So can anyone offer advice as to whether there worth the cost?

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  1. What type of keyboard you want depends on what options you need.

    The only noticible differences between a standard multimedia keyboard and a gaming style keyboard are a few of the following:

    light up keys, lcd screens (ingame info), faster response times (not really noticable), special movement keys/macro keys.

    if that is your cup of tea then you might want to buy one. A standard keyboard works fine for games if you don't want to spend extra money.

    One thing you might want to look into is mechanical keyboards. I prefer them over rubber-dome switch kbs for everything (again, if you "like" them. Keep in mind that the best quality ones are based on standard designs (not multimedia or gaming)


    in general: 99.99% of the time having a $90 keyboard will not make you better at games. Pick what works best for everything you do on the computer and not just gaming.
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