Which laptop is good for gaming purpose plz help

hi i want to buy a new laptop.and i have choose two new laptop.hp pavilion dv6 2005ax and acer aspire 5740g.i want to know which laptop build quality and graphic is good for gaming and for heavy softwares?plz tell me as soon as possible.and thanks is advance
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    The Acer model has an i5 CPU with HD 5650M VGA which gives you a better performance in both gaming and CPU tasks
  2. thanks but what about build quality of acer aspire 5740g.and what diff will made by ddr3 ram instead of ddr2 ram?
  3. Here is a good review for Acer 5740,read it and you'll know how is the build quality and performance
    And DDR2 vs DDR3 doesn't make a noticeable difference in games
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