Installing Windows 7 on Toshiba Satellite A300-15C

Hi folks,

I have Toshiba Satellite A300-15C with vista installed and i wanna install windows 7 but i couldn't because once i start up with windows 7 then i come to install windows it stucks i don't know why. The hdd led is on but nothing pop up after that. I started up with windows xp then i delete partition c then went back to start with window 7 the same PROBLEM....

any help..?
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  1. Does sound like a hard drive problem. Fortunately they are simple to change and not that expensive -- take it to a repair guy.

    I think I'd stick to XP on an older machine.
  2. I'm wondering if there is HDD Protection which prevent me form installing New Operating System Or somthing has to do with the BIOS /SATA even thogh i entered the bios but i did't find SATA Enable/Disable option

    Thanks Veteran for the reply.....
  3. Vista runs fine, correct? What doesn't make much sense is "once i start up with windows 7 then i come to install windows it stucks i don't know why". Is it a problem during or after the installation of Win7? There's going to be nothing in the BIOS to stop you from installing an operating system...
  4. marcellis22 do you the same laptop or you mean you have Toshiba laptop

    Do your Operating System Vista right now or xp?

    thanks in advance...
  5. I work on and with Toshiba laptops, and use XP, Vista and Win7 at home and at work. The Satellite series of laptops are well made and work just fine. The question I'm asking is, is the problem you're having happening DURING the install of Win7, or when you RUN Win7?
  6. it happens when I boot with Windows 7 and come to install windows, I press install wating for partition Options, it hangs there... I've tried booting with xp cd it takes a long time to reach Partition Options. I delete Partition C then come back to Windows 7, it hangs again.

    Is it somthing New to ProTect HDD?

    I'm thinking to take HDD out and use it as external then formating it and return to see if it work out or I'll sell the laptop and sell my old friend HP...
  7. If you can remove the drive and run it as an external via another computer that's a classic test procedure.

    One spends a lot of time here pointing out a basic troubleshooting tactic -- "if it don't work on one machine try it on another"
  8. I plug it to an external case but takes long to be read by laptop then pops up a massage saying if i wanna format the two partitions....

    I don't know if it from the adapter (MANHATTAN MULTI FUNCTION SATA DOCK) or from HDD....................... STRANGE!!!
  9. Thanks guys for your HELP I've bought new WD HDD and It is soft and clean right now....... I don't know what to do with old one.....

    at the same time I explored an empty place to add dual HDD but once I put the old one I couldn't because the cover case stick.........

    Thanks for your time and effort AND YOUR CARE.......
  10. Hi,

    Toshiba A300 drivers and software required for connection to download files easily downloaded from the link.
    I hope I could help.
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