How to control Samsung 193P in Win7/64 Bit?


I have an Samsung 193P display, which has no physical controls apart from the on/off switch. To control other settings like brightness or contrast, I need to use the display software from Samsung. However this software does not work in 64-Bit Windows 7 and Samsung does not provide an update (I got that confirmed by Samsung support).

Now I am looking for an alternative. Does anybody know software that can control this monitor and works in 64-Bit Win7?

Thanks, Robert
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  1. Hi,

    Just for clarification: Samsung does provide a version of the MagicTune software for Win7 but it tells me that "this computer system does not support this software". Not sure if the problem is the monitor or the graphics card, but in any case, the software does not work.

    Cheers, Robert
  2. I know that this question was asked years ago, but I will answer it in case somebody else finds this question when googling about older Samsung monitors and Samsung 193P (as I was today and found this topic).

    I currently use Samsung 193P on Windows 7 64 bit OS.
    Hopefully, there is a particular version of MagicTune which works on Windows 7 64 bit on Samsung 193P.

    Use particularly this version: MagicTune Premium for VISTA, WIN7 32Bit International Download (version 3.2.2)

    You can find this version here
    Here's a direct link to download this version from Samsung website:
    Direct download

    Don't forget to uninstall all previous version of MagicTune you had installed before installing this version.
  3. I have recently got my hands on previously used Samsung 193p. My GPU is ATi HD6930, and OS is Win7 64-bit.
    I have tried all possible versions of Magic Tune including newest verions from their website, but nothing worked for me (error message about incompatible system).

    After some research i have found that almost all monitors have this button-less control ability through protocol DDC/CI, and MagicTune is relying on that prorocol.

    There are other programs who will alow you to control monitor using DDC/CI, such as:
    (use at your own risk, with a lot of attention)

    I could successfully set up brightness and contrast, but i couldn't control color balance through these programs.
    However, for RGB tuning you can use standard graphic card control software by ATi/Nvidia.
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