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Hi all how do i configure my 64 64 bit win7 to use flash in 32bit mode which my 32bit program required to to play fash videos, withmanueal acess in my 32 bir brower, any suggestion?
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  1. errm are you confusing the 32bit/64bit nature of windows with the fat 32 filing system? just format the flash drive as a fat32 drive and you should be ok.
  2. He's talking about Adobe Flash as used in a Web Browser, not a USB Flash drive...

    There is no official 64-bit version of Flash yet, so you need to use the 32-bit version of Internet Explorer:

    Start -> All Programs -> Internet Explorer (NOT "Internet Explorer (64-bit)")
  3. ahh makesmore sense now, although i'm surprised we don't hear questions about fat64 for 64bits os's
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